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Being experts in recruitment for pharmaceutical and B2B sectors, we had been involved in search for professionals for a company specializing in medical equipment deliveries.

The main focus of the search has been on marketing and service departments. Main international and Russian business players have been screened on a level of business unit head. We identified more than 300 professionals in the area of production and sales of medical equipment.

As a result we have successfully closed a row of projects. In addition, we accumulated the knowledge of the market of professionals in area of laboratory and technical service equipment. Among our candidates, a number speaks fluent English and possesses deep expertise in their respective specializations.

Отправляя свое резюме и другие персональные данные, я соглашаюсь, что ООО «Акурис» будет осуществлять их обработку в соответствии с законом ФЗ – 152 «О персональных данных»