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Our client is private equity fund managing a metallurgical plant in one of the former Soviet Union republics.

During the search we have contacted the leaders of the pipe production industry with unique experience in the metallurgical companies’ management and creation of first-class businesses in terms of management teams efficiency and profitability. We have covered such markets as Western and Eastern Europe, Middle East, North and Latin Americas. Successful candidate was found in Latin America with over 25 years of experience within leading metallurgical companies (main experience was gained in Tenaris).

Search was completed in about 5 months.

Отправляя свое резюме и другие персональные данные, я соглашаюсь, что ООО «Акурис» будет осуществлять их обработку в соответствии с законом ФЗ – 152 «О персональных данных»